We offer highly reputable international banking and finance legal services. Our team of banking and finance experts are available at all times, and provide the most efficient services and insightful advice available. We have expert knowledge, as well as strong connections, in a number of major offshore financial centers. We work closely with domestic legal teams and financial experts in these jurisdictions to ensure sound, efficient, and relevant legal services.

Our services cover a broad range of financial transactions, including establishing offshore bank account offerings, structured lending and borrowing, portfolio restructurings, offshore investments, creating asset finance vehicles, securitisation vehicles, and many more. We also serve a diverse client base, including various types of financial institutions, lenders and borrowers, investment banks, wealth funds, listed companies, and private entities. 

We work across different time zones, across multiple related disciplines and various localities. This ensures a seamless and integrated professional service, day and night. 


Our banking and finance services include the following areas:

Banking regulations

Banking regulations are constantly shifting and evolving across the globe. We provide up-to-date regulatory and legal advice in the banking sector across multiple important offshore banking jurisdictions.

We help our clients to understand the regulatory and compliance requirements for establishing new banks and financial institutions in their preferred jurisdiction, and help determine the best strategy to suit their individual needs. 

We also offer more general legal advice pertaining to offshore banking, including important issues related to confidentiality, compliance, taxation, and data protection. 

Structured finance and securitisation

We understand that the financial institutions we serve have complex and specialised financial needs, for which conventional financial products are not always adequate. Therefore, we offer advice on finding the most innovative and trusted structured finance and securitisation vehicles available in various offshore jurisdictions.

The right structure is not always available in your home country, so we help our clients to optimise their financing structure by making use of unique opportunities which may only be available in favourable offshore environments. 

Our range of structured finance and securitisation vehicles which we advise on include covered bonds, high yielding bonds, debt financing, secured loans, asset-backed securities, and many more. 


We help our clients by reviewing and drafting various items of banking and finance documentation including:

  • Lending, including structured loans
  • Securities and listings
  • Standard banking documentation
  • Documents related to cross-border banking agreements and structures
  • Private equities
  • Hedge fund documents


Our expert listing team can assist banks and other financial institutions with the listing of debt and securities on prominent exchanges in the various jurisdictions which we cover. 

Fund Financing

We offer specialist advice on lending to investment funds in multiple jurisdictions. We have a cross-disciplinary team with expertise in a wide range of banking, financial and investment areas. We offer our services to traditional banks as well as alternative lenders and borrowers, and other relevant financial institutions.