Offshore Law Center provides expert legal support for individuals who are looking to incorporate an offshore company. We help our clients incorporate companies in 35 different foreign jurisdictions. 

Each jurisdiction has its own unique corporate regulations, formation requirements, and corporate structures which are available. We offer the expertise to help navigate this complex, yet highly rewarding, landscape of offshore company formation. 

Advantages and uses of an offshore company

Certain countries have taken steps to create favourable offshore environments so as to attract capital investments from non-residents. These countries provide ideal financial landscapes which often have favourable tax rates, greater asset security and privacy, and more flexible regulations with fewer barriers to entry. As such, many of our clients are interested in incorporating a company in one of these foreign jurisdictions due to the many important advantages and uses these companies offer. These include:

  • Tax optimisation and reduction
  • More flexible corporate regulations
  • Lower financial reporting and auditing requirements
  • Additional investment and trading opportunities
  • The opportunity to diversify one’s holdings across different jurisdictions
  • Asset privacy and security
  • Favourable and protective legal frameworks

Each jurisdiction has its own unique regulations and corporate structures which make it particularly beneficial for certain individuals and business types. It is important to incorporate your company in the right jurisdiction with the right structure to suit your needs. 

Incorporation Services and Support

Expert Advice 

Our team of company incorporation experts can help guide you on finding the best offshore corporate structure to fulfil your specific needs. We have extensive knowledge over a wide range of matters relating to offshore incorporation in various jurisdictions. We can advise you on the important regulations to be aware of, the specific corporate structures available, and the advantages and disadvantages of each as they relate to your situation. 

Initiating the Incorporation Process

We are experienced in going through the actual process of incorporating offshore companies in these jurisdictions. We will therefore walk you through the process and handle all the legislative and regulatory requirements on your behalf. We will inform you of the requirements and of the documents you should gather for the incorporation process, and thereafter handle all the documentation and legal issues which arise. 

Continued support

After successful incorporation, we continue to serve and support our existing clients who have incorporated offshore. In the case of any legal issues arising, changes in regulation and compliance requirements, or any other form of legal support required, we are available to assist.