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Offshore Law Center occupies a distinctive place in the legal landscape, primarily due to its location and the jurisdiction it falls under. Set apart from U.S. law firms, which are subject to and must comply with the judgments of U.S. courts, our firm is strategically based in Panama. This geographical positioning means that we operate under, and are legally obliged to adhere to, the territorial legal system of Panama. This is a crucial point of difference, as the Panamanian legal framework is distinct from that of the United States.
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We offer a range of international legal services to protect you, your business and assets now and in the future.

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We understand that every individual's circumstances are unique which is why we give you unique customized solutions that address your situation. We provide offshore legal action plans that will help you implement these solutions with ease.

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How Does Going Offshore Work?

Find a Jurisdiction
We find you a country that works best for your unique situation, that might be with a focus on zero tax, biz friendly, low regulation, high privacy or strong asset protection.
Plan an Offshore Strategy
Setup a call to go over your situation. We will discuss your options and what you hope to achieve.
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We will give you quote on what it will take to implement your unique offshore strategy.
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Whether your strategy takes a few days or a few weeks, we are with you at every step of the way
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Offshore Law Center?
Offshore Law Center is a Panama-based boutique law firm specializing in offshore asset protection and estate planning. With over 25 years of experience, we cater to a global clientele, offering bespoke financial and legal services to HNW individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs
What makes Offshore Law Center unique?
Our location in Panama positions us uniquely in the legal market. Unlike U.S. law firms, we are governed by the Panamanian legal system, which makes us immune to US court orders. Panama law also includes a strong emphasis on client confidentiality and banking privacy.
Who can benefit from Offshore Law Center's services?
Our services are tailored for both individuals and corporations, especially those seeking offshore asset protection and legal solutions including entrepreneurs, HNW individuals, startups, and foreign nationals who require specialized offshore legal and business solutions.
What is the approach to client confidentiality?
Client confidentiality is a top priority at Offshore Law Center, in line with Panama's legal requirements. Clients can expect a high level of discretion and privacy in all their dealings with the firm.
How much does Offshore Law Center charge?
Our fees range depending on the service. We can guarantee that are fees are a fraction of what US law firms charge as we are based in Panama.
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