Offshore Law Firm Advantages
Offshore Law Center is uniquely positioned in the legal field, primarily owing to its strategic location and the jurisdictional framework it operates under. Distinguished from its counterparts in the United States, which are inherently bound by and compliant with the mandates of U.S. courts, our firm benefits from its intentional establishment in Panama.

This specific geographic positioning necessitates our adherence to the legal confines of the Panamanian territorial system. This is of significant importance for us as a law firm, in that we are able to operate in separation from the U.S. judicial system which other firms are bound by, underscoring our distinctive legal positioning within the offshore asset protection market.
One of the most significant aspects of being under Panamanian jurisdiction is our commitment to client confidentiality.

Panamanian law mandates a strict adherence to privacy regarding our clients' affairs. This legal obligation ensures that client information can not be handed over to foreign court orders, as the regulations governing client confidentiality in Panama state that they are bound by Panamanian law.
What Makes Us Different
Our clients can expect a level of discretion and privacy that is ingrained in our legal system and practice.

This commitment to confidentiality under Panamanian law is a cornerstone of our operations at Offshore Law Center, ensuring that we offer a unique and secure service to those we represent.