Offshore Law Centre provides an incredibly wide range of corporate law services in numerous offshore jurisdictions. We are experienced in helping our diverse clients with the establishment of various different types of offshore corporate structures, trusts, and corporate investment holdings. We also specialise in advising on specific regulatory aspects in the jurisdictions which we serve, and provide our clients with the most up-to-date offshore corporate advice. 

We work alongside specialists from other areas and localities which allows us to integrate regulatory, employment, real-estate, and commercial law expertise into our corporate advisory services. Our excellent global reputation and integrated approach ensures that you can find all of your offshore corporate solutions under one roof. 

Our range of corporate services includes the following:

Competition Law

Competition law has many intricacies and subtleties, and differs in each jurisdiction. As such, we advise our corporate clients on the important regulatory considerations of competition law during offshore acquisitions and mergers. We also provide ongoing competition law advice, help with making anti-competition applications, and offer litigation services in the event of contentious competition disputes.

Insurance Law

Sound insurance structures are an incredibly important aspect of protecting and optimising your offshore corporate structure. We advise on various general insurance and reinsurance options available in your chosen jurisdiction, and will help you to create the optimal insurance protection strategy which suits the unique nature of your corporate structure. 

Intellectual Property (IP)

We provide Intellectual Property legal services in several countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, and much of Europe. Our services include patents, trademarks, and copyright registrations, as well as ongoing IP support and advice. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

We provide highly professional and timeous guidance for corporate mergers and acquisitions. We have extensive experience with large scale and complex M&A transactions. Our team of experts are available to support our clients in a number of offshore environments, where sound and rapid advice is a must. We also offer guidance in various related areas such as joint ventures, takeovers, strategic alliances, management buy-ins and buy-outs, share purchases, and de-mergers. Our experience covers all types of corporate structures, and includes both public and private transactions.

Corporate Restructuring

We understand that your corporate entity is constantly evolving throughout its different life stages. As such, we offer high quality and responsive ongoing support to help you ensure your company adapts and develops appropriately at each step. We give sound advice on all types of corporate restructuring and reorganisation issues, including group reorganisations, migration of domicile, and statutory mergers. 

Joint Ventures

We provide legal services related to all areas of joint ventures across several offshore jurisdictions. This includes helping our clients in the establishment and optimal structuring of joint venture vehicles, preparation and filing of documentation, as well as gaining regulatory approval. We offer our joint venture services to various client types, ranging from small to large companies, wealth funds, and multi-national financial institutions. 

Regulations and Compliance

One of the most important issues which any corporate body faces is to ensure a thorough regulatory understanding and maintain regulatory compliance. This is especially critical when dealing in new and unknown offshore jurisdictions. Our extensive knowledge of corporate regulatory frameworks in a number of countries allows us to provide trusted legal advice and support to our clients on all regulatory issues. 

We help our clients to maintain regulatory compliance, and also help give the full picture of the important regulatory issues which our clients need to be aware of and how they may affect their corporate structure positively or negatively. We offer specific advice about taking advantage of different corporate regulations in offshore jurisdictions so as to obtain optimal benefits from your offshore structure.