Family issues and disputes, especially divorces, can be extremely destructive and difficult to manage. Divorce is not the only issue which can arise for which a family lawyer is needed. There are many other related family issues which require legal support. These include:

  • All pre-nuptial, post-nuptial and cohabitation agreements
  • Child custody and child support
  • Adoption
  • Disputes about intellectual property ownership
  • Disagreement about ownership of physical assets and property
  • Cross-border family disputes
  • Family debt
  • Paternity
  • Wills and estates
  • Various other kinds of civil disputes between family members

It is important to hire a competent family lawyer who understands all the above family law issues and can advise across a range of important matters. 

Family Law Services

Our family lawyers are specialised in providing sound advice on all matters relating to family law as well as its connected areas of practice. Furthermore, we have family lawyers who have experience and expertise in several different jurisdictions and can offer the right guidance wherever your family disputes take place. 

Our primary concern is helping our clients mitigate the potential financial and personal risks of divorce and other family disputes. This involves helping to establish proper family planning and estate structures to protect our clients’ wealth and wellbeing in the face of future relationship divisions which may arise. We work in collaboration with estate planning experts to advise our clients on effective asset protection and estate planning tools which provide the best safety for them and their family members. 

In the event that a family legal issue does take place, we provide legal support in trying to obtain a favourable settlement agreement, or failing that, representation in a court of law. Our services are affordable, pragmatic and responsive. We understand the sensitivity of family law issues and ensure the utmost confidentiality. Our family law services are offered to individuals, families, as well as family advisors. Our multi-national expertise is valuable for those clients with a global lifestyle, who do not want cross-border family issues interfering with their personal and financial affairs. 

Related Areas

We also understand that family law is not an isolated field. It intersects with various other legal practice areas, which need to be properly understood and managed for effective client support. Two important related areas include:

  1. Estate planning and asset protection law
  2. Immigration law

Our family lawyers have experience in these and other related areas. We also work in multi-disciplinary teams to ensure the most comprehensive, current, and relevant advice is relayed to our clients. Therefore, our family law services are broad and far-reaching, and not only isolated to the few issues we have mentioned above. Whatever kind of family legal issue or related area you may be facing, or are concerned about facing in the future, we are here to support every step of the wa