Our experienced and competent investment funds team provides comprehensive legal advice on all types of investment fund vehicles in both onshore and offshore environments. These include private, public, retail, and listed funds. We have extensive experience in a range of fund strategies and asset classes across multiple jurisdictions. We advise on high-value listings and investment vehicles in the most profitable and respected offshore financial centers and stock exchanges. 

Our Clients

We offer our services to all types of clients with varying needs and capabilities. Our wide-ranging experience allows us to provide comprehensive advice and support to every one of our investment fund clients’ needs. Our clients include:

  • Investment fund managers
  • Investment banks and private banks
  • Institutional investors
  • Insurers and reinsurers
  • Pension funds, trust funds, and sovereign wealth funds
  • Private equity houses and private individual investors

We understand the varying needs of each type of client and of each specific individual, and ensure an appropriately customised service. We work in partnership with our clients to find the most relevant solutions to all their investment fund issues. 

Fund strategies

We advise on various offshore investment fund strategies and asset classes including:

  • Private equity funds
  • Hedge funds and other open-ended funds
  • Real-estate funds
  • Venture capital funds
  • Infrastructure funds
  • Hybrid funds
  • Other specialist fund strategies such as credit funds and cryptocurrency funds

Specific services

We provide professional legal services and advice on a variety of offshore investment fund matters, including:

Fund Financing

We provide advice on both the lending and borrowing aspects of fund financing. We help banks and alternative lenders set up and manage high quality fund financing mechanisms. We also offer our advice to borrowers on the acquisition of optimum fund financing. We have extensive knowledge of the regulatory requirements pertaining to fund financing issues in several offshore jurisdictions.

Fund Formation

We offer legal support for our clients who wish to design and develop various types of investment structures in the jurisdictions which we serve. We have a long history on advising on high-value and complex fund formation issues. 

Fund Listings

We help those clients who wish to publicly list their investment funds and/or assets on a security exchange. We have cross-jurisdictional listings expertise, and can help our clients determine where to list their assets and on a number of related issues including tax, regulatory issues, and compliance requirements.

Regulation and Compliance

We offer rapid and up-to-date regulatory and compliance advice to our clients across multiple jurisdictions. Investment fund regulations are complex and evolving, especially when one is dealing with a foreign jurisdiction. We regularly liaise with our clients to ensure that they are fully compliant and understand all regulatory implications of their investment fund activities. We help file documents and seek authorised approvals where needed. We also advise on various related corporate governance and fiduciary issues. 

Restructuring and Termination

Where applicable, we help our clients in restructuring their investment funds to adapt to changing circumstances. This includes fund mergers, de-mergers, liquidations, and other forms of reorganisation. Where there are no other alternatives, we assist our clients in the termination of their investment funds. Our restructuring and termination services include expert guidance and support on contentious matters and disputes which can arise during such circumstances, and advice on how to navigate and appease the needs of different stakeholders.