As an offshore business owner, it is important to understand the relevant labour law legislature which applies to your company’s jurisdiction. Labour law can be a complex and multi-faceted field to navigate, which requires expert advisors and consultants who are familiar with the regulations. To ensure smooth business operations and avoid unnecessary risks which could arise due to non-compliant labour practices, it is essential that your business has adequate labour law systems in place. 

Labour Issues

There are many risks and issues which a business can face in relation to labour law and labour disputes. This is especially the case in a foreign jurisdiction if the laws and practices are not properly understood or adhered to. Some potential issues which need to be understood include:

  • Contentious labour disputes and accusations about unfair dismissals or employment practices
  • Fraudulent behaviour by employees
  • Employment contracts, standard labour procedures and policies
  • Data protection and confidentiality
  • Employment issues arising out of business acquisitions or disposals
  • Claims made by employees in relation to health, safety and fatal accidents
  • Immigration issues and housing regulations – this can be especially relevant in the case of offshore company ownership
  • Proper retrenchment and dismissal procedures
  • Conducting effective HR and employment law training programmes

Our Labour Law Services

Our extensive expertise covers a wide range of Human Resource and Labour Law issues in several foreign jurisdictions. We offer sound advice and support on all employment issues to different types of clients, whether they be small business owners or major multinational companies. Our services are on offer to both domestic and international clients

Our services extend to every stage of the employment cycle. They range from simple day-to-day guidance, to providing legal representation in labour courts. We help our clients to implement effective labour procedures and policies and ensure that the regulatory framework in which they are operating is properly adhered to, to mitigate the risks of non-compliance. 

We help our clients to identify potential labour law risks and find the right solutions to avoid them before they occur. Our team of attorney’s have specialist knowledge in the abovementioned aspects of labour law and are accessible whenever the client is in need. We also offer training programmes and help to keep our clients educated and informed about the relevant laws which apply to their business situations, as well as keeping them up to date with any important changes. 

Our attorneys are well-respected with government and corporate bodies, and ensure they are up to speed with the latest industry and labour law developments.