We offer a diverse range of legal services related to offshore finance. Our legal support is on offer to both individuals and corporations. Our legal services and areas of expertise include:

Corporate law

We assist our clients with the process of buying and selling offshore businesses or modifying their existing offshore corporate structure. 

We also offer continued advice and support with respect to corporate issues which may arise for existing offshore corporations. These include governance issues, terms of contracts, regulatory compliance and so forth. 

Regulatory law

We help our clients ensure that they are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements in the process of setting up their offshore corporate structure. We also help them to maintain their compliance in the event of regulatory changes.

Competition Law

We offer advise regarding competition law compliance for newly bought acquired companies, as well as support in the case of ongoing issues arising.

Employment Law

We provide expert guidance on employment law issues for offshore company owners. These laws may vary in different jurisdictions, so we help our clients to understand the HR regulations in their chosen jurisdiction. This includes advise about employee work disputes and potential employee claims related to health, safety, and fatality.

Estate Planning

An important part of our legal services is helping our clients to optimise their estate planning structures. This includes advise about specific estate planning tools and vehicles which can be used to help our clients to protect their assets, minimise their taxes, maintain confidentiality, or optimise their estate structure for the purposes of succession to beneficiaries. 

We help our clients determine their individual estate planning needs and tailor the right plan to ensure they meet their objectives.

Property Law

We give sound legal advice about matters relating to both commercial and residential property law in several jurisdictions. We help with a range of property types and values, from the most prestigious properties to small scale residential property investments. We have a sound understanding of local property laws and can assist in a wide variety of circumstances. 

Planning and Construction Law

We give advice about various aspects of Planning and Construction law, which includes an understanding of Environmental law. We also help our clients to ensure that they are compliant with all health and safety requirements. Our expert services can help clients mitigate planning and construction risks before they arise, and to avoid potential disputes and legal issues. 

Dispute Resolution 

We help our clients to handle and mediate a range of disputes which may arise during their personal and business operations. These could include commercial disputes, property-related disputes, creditor claims, bankruptcy, disagreements over wills and trusts, and many more. We try to ensure that the best possible outcome is obtained for our clients, and where possible we first aim for a favourable settlement agreement.