Our law firm is administered by a management company, Professional Offshore Management Corp., whose president is an expert administrator and public accountant.

You may wish to have this firm manage your non-controlled corporation to provide you with maximum protection on all fronts.  Nominee directors are appointed routinely for the corporation so that you don’t have to have any exposure as a director of the company in order to ensure the safety and security of the corporate assets.  

Not being a director may be important because even if you are clearly not a shareholder, the mere fact of being an officer may offer the appearance that you in reality still control the assets and thereby still retain a beneficial interest in them.

Our law firm can provides these management options and give you the peace of mind that you still have the ultimate authority in regards to your companies and its assets.

The most common way of doing this, is for the corporate nominee directors to provide you with a Power of Attorney in all matters related to the running of the corporation.

This will allow you to act in the place of an officer of the company without actually being one. You can sign agreements or open accounts on behalf of the company or anything else that is required for the day to day business of the company.

Signatory Services

The management company will not only administer the affairs of the company and ensure that documents are signed where appropriate by the director, but also in addition can open and manage accounts according to the needs of the company if this option is required. 

For ultimate asset protection and tax efficiency many clients wish to have our law firm’s professional management company completely manage their companies so that they do not have any compliance or reporting responsibilities in their home countries.

In other words, you will be totally “arms length” from your company(ies) since you will not even be the actual signatory on any accounts.  Many countries such as USA, U.K. and Germany have requirements to report signatory control on any accounts even if there is no interest income to report.

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