We offer trademarking services across a number of geographical jurisdictions, including the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe. We provide a smooth and efficient trademark registration process for our clients, whether small business owners and start-up entrepreneurs, or large industry players. Our trademarking services are reliable, affordable, and prompt. 

Trademark services

We provide a wide spectrum of trademark, copyright, and patent services. These include:

  • Trademark clearance searches
  • Preparation of trademark applications
  • Trademark monitoring
  • Transferring ownership of trademarks
  • Filing for trademark renewal
  • Trademark opposition and/or cancellation proceedings
  • Trademark litigation in the event of disputes or infringements
  • Preparation of copyright applications
  • Patent clearance searches
  • Preparation of patent applications

Once you enlist our trademarking services, we will conduct a comprehensive trademark search. This will enable us to identify any potential issues with your proposed trademark before actually submitting a trademark application. 

Thereafter, we will provide the results for you to review. You will then have the opportunity to meet with one of our specialist trademark attorneys about the results and discuss other issues and questions you have about the trademark application and registration process. 

Finally, our attorneys will draft and prepare your trademark application, which you will have the opportunity to review and approve before it is submitted. Our trademark attorneys have sound knowledge about the intricacies and subtleties of trademark registrations in the jurisdictions which they serve and will be able draft an application which will give you the best possibility for successful approval of your desired trademark. 

Requirements for trademark registration

We require a few simple things from our clients in order to successfully complete the trademark application process:

  • Power of Attorney given by the owner of the trademark.
  • Full classification of the products and/or services which the client wishes to be protected by the trademark, in accordance with the International classification of Trademarks for Products and Services.
  • Samples of the trademark word or logo design, to enable a thorough trademark search.
  • The previous Trademark Registration Certificate if the trademark was already registered in another country.

Why an expert trademark attorney is important

A proper trademark application is a complicated document which requires the expertise of a specialised trademark attorney. There are many online trademark services out there which promise to be able to conduct full trademark searches and file trademark applications without the use of a licensed trademark attorney. Unfortunately, enlisting such services puts you at risk of an unintended trademark infringement lawsuit in the future, as well as reducing your chances of successfully registering your desired trademark. We therefore ensure that our qualified attorneys are involved in your trademark application process at every stage and give their full due diligence so that the registration is handled professionally, with the utmost care.