Welcome to Offshore Law Center


Offshore Law Center is a Panama based law firm, specializing in business, commercial, real estate, immigration and maritime law.

We specialize not only in the formation and management of companies and Panama Foundations, we also assist with bank and brokerage firm introductions. Our lawyers are available to provide assistance in many areas of Panamanian and international law such as immigration and Panama passports, Panama real estate, project development consulting, litigation plus general administrative and management services.

We can assist you in achieving your financial goals of asset protection, privacy, and tax reduction and all matters related to conducting business internationally as well as setting up and doing business here in Panama, either virtually or physically. When you work with a law firm such as ours you have the added advantage of attorney-client privilege. Our multi-lingual (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian) staff can provide for all your management needs, including accounting and physical office services to insure your company’s successful and profitable operation. Panama provides an excellent base for growth maximization and asset protection, not only because of the country's beneficial tax and privacy laws, but also because of its excellent infrastructure, strategic location and economy.

Since everyone's needs can be different, we give out customize solutions and you are invited to personally visit us at our office here in Panama.